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Find My Flowers is listed on the Australian owned online business directory and advertising agency dLook. Not only does dLook list Find My Flowers in search results viewed by many visitors in its directory at dLook.com.au, it provides a vast range of marketing services to promote Find My Flowers, including this website.

dLook offers a full directory service for florists and their customers with reviews, quotes and information about each florets in our directory. Call 02 9290 2821 today for more information about getting your business listed.

About dLook | Australian Online Business Directory and eMarketing Company

Everything dLook does is encapsulated in its motto; ‘Be found online’. All of dLook efforts go into making businesses just like yours have a prominent online web presence, which makes a good impression and attracts many visitors of the target market.

At the core of dLook services is its web directory, on which it lists businesses so that they can be found by visitors to its site in need of services, many of them in the local area. And even this increases your rankings on the major search engines. But dLook goes way beyond this. We provide services across the range of marketing channels to promote businesses from every angle to reach the broadest audience.

dLook Packages | Online Advertising based in Australia

dLook provides services that are broad enough to satisfy its 1.7 million Australian business listings from lawyers to wedding celebrants. dLook has clients from the very large businesses, to the very small.

Free dLook Listings

If even by the end of this article, you’re unsure of what dLook has to offer for your business, then you can still have a place in our directory, and be safe in the knowledge that it’s completely risk-free. dLook provides free directory listings to any business wishing to access in service. This gives many businesses a tangible benefit in itself, but this is only a taste of what dLook has to offer.

dLook Premium Listings

For access to dLook’s professional services, the most affordable option is our premium listing. Premium listings get more visitors than free listings because we have our team of expert SEO specialists working to make your website more attractive to the major search engines. They also appear above free listings in our directory.

dLook Express Package

In the dLook Express Package, we go beyond even that provided in the premium listing, and dLook’s multichannel approach really comes to the fore. We provide a professionally designed website, and a broad range of options including even Google Adwords advertising and radio advertisements. It is because of this wide range of service and value for money that makes this dLook’s most popular package.

dLook & dFound Advertising Package

This package is dLook’s full service in which we provide everything that we can and that we have to offer. We create a tailored e-marketing campaign for your business that runs across social media, pay-per-click, video, radio and more. This really is the best e-marketing service for your business from the company that provides the best e-marketing service.

You can be sure that your business can get a significantly marketing boost from at least one of these packages. If you’re interested, visit our website or call our Sydney office on 02 9290 2821.

dLook Reviews And Quote Engine

But doesn’t in marketing entail a loss of control over my business’ image? Can’t anyone post a scathing review and ruin my reputation? Many businesses have this concern, and it’s one of the reasons why many businesses are missing out on the benefits that the marketing can bring.

dLook realises this problem, so has created its reviews and quotation service to eliminate this worry by allowing you to moderate the reviews and quotes on your business. Call 02 9290 2821 to find out more about how our integrated, reviews and quotes service works.

dLook has the Technology!

Top line marketing requires top line advertising technology. We have the capacity to employ a broad spectrum of marketing mediums to your advantage. We have the skills and proprietary software to provide you with high quality mobile apps, social media marketing, images, YouTube videos, quotes and reviews.

An extremely useful and interactive part of the dLook service is that you get hands-on access to your own marketing data. You can see in real time statistics of the number of the visitors on your website and other performance metrics that we are not afraid to provide you because we know that you’ll be seeing positive results.

dLook software is also customisable. It is not set in stone like other online business directories that make you format your business to fit their styling. You can customise your landing page to your own brand in a way that suits your business.

Give dLook a call on 02 9290 2821 for and e-marketing company that knows the tech side as much as it does the marketing side.

dLook’s Online Marketing Soars above the Rest

If you’re considering other promotional options for your small business, we implore you to consider dLook business directory. Online business directories like dLook are the most economically feasible way for a small business to compete with the larger players on the web medium.

On Google Adwords, the price per click for listing an ad on a competitive keyword can be gargantuan and you are often paying for visitors who aren’t in your small catchment area. dLook directory listings do not suffer from this problem. The term is ‘localised search’ because our directory is highly structured and filtered around the visitors location. So if you’re business is located in the area that they are searching for or situated in, you will get a high result for a visitor in your target market.

But out of all dLook’s stated benefits, none of them can’t be guaranteed. Unlike other e-marketing companies who may promise you the world, we never say that you will get a top spot on Google. Many of our clients do, but the nature of the industry means that we can only promise you that your e-marketing will improve. And based on our highly successful history, we can say that it is very likely that it will improve a lot.

Another way that dLook stands out from the crowd is that with dLook, YOU OWN YOUR DOMAIN. We host your domain on our servers so that you don’t have to, but you can get it transferred back to you at any time that you please.

So for the most genuine, professional way TO BE FOUND ONLINE, call dLook today on 02 9290 2821 and start taking advantage of what the web has to offer for your business.

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